Finally, an epiphany

I’ve had a drastic mindset change lately and it’s prevented me from posting. I want to update everyone on how my beliefs on fitness have changed and open up discussion for a new model of fit living. I’ve been through all the phases of fitness: running, bodybuilding, sports, moderation, competition, weight gain, weight loss, eating disorders, being unhealthy, loving it, hating it, lack of motivation… It has made me bitter. I didn’t even want to go to the gym anymore in fear of someone telling me my work out was too short or asking me if I’m doing a new show, or letting me know I’ve let myself go… We are our harshest critic. Except at the gym. Then there’s always bound to be some a-hole who is our harshest critic and destroys your world in one sentence and doesn’t think twice about it. I’ve been that a-hole. The bro-swagging, better-than-you mentality  permeates gym culture and causes places like Planet Fitness to discourage people who are in shape from coming to their gym so they can prey on the easy client who won’t actually ever show up to the gym and cost them any money. I’ve landed on middle ground, finally.

Exercise and Nutrition are very personal things. That’s why doctors charts can’t tell you whether you are the right size for your height and why you feel good about yourself one day and you feel terrible by yourself another day even though the scale hasn’t changed. That’s why everyone thinks they alone have a secret cure to better health, and why I discourage people from using cookie cutter meal plans and exercise videos. Because it’s different for each person.

My mentality on weight loss, exercise, and diet has changed dramatically in the past two years. It’s about finding your happy place, whether that’s weight loss or muscle gaining or just being able to make it up some stairs. It’s about finding what makes you feel good. No one is a harsher critic than we are on our self, so why hire a personal trainer or fitness coach that beats you down, is mean to you, gives you guidelines that are too strict for you to follow? Weight loss and health should be accessible. It’s already built into us. You know what works for you. I’m here to help make customizable plans that help you find what that is. I will work around what you’re capable of doing. pushing you to your own personal limit, not to a standardized plan of what the government, funded by the corn industry, thinks that it should be. So I am not here to judge. I am NOT here to fix you. I’m here to help you become what you always have been: Perfect. Losing weight or gaining weight doesn’t change who you are. But it can help you be stronger, healthier, even tempered, and able to handle adulthood insanity better. We need to be able to love ourselves for what we’ve accomplished, rather than what society has to set upon us as the required standard. I don’t want to help you become some Movie Star prototype. I don’t want to tell you that you have to stop living your life if you ever want to reach your goals. If a kick in the pants is what you need, then you’ll get a kick in the pants, but my new approach to exercise and health is based on living the life that you want to live and helping you get healthy. Because watching Netflix for eight hours makes you feel like crap. Eating pizza five times a week makes you feel like crap. And drinking a bottle of wine every night makes you feel like crap. Let’s all take steps towards being happier and using our bodies for what they were meant to be used for. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to run without being out of breath, and  feeling strong with the pavement moving beneath your feet. Nothing compares to being proud of your own strength. We are all on that long journey to being okay with who we are and what we look like. I’m not going to say I’m done, but I will tell you that I’m a lot closer now than I was when I was bodybuilding.

Being okay with how you look doesn’t mean being okay with obesity or being okay with your bad health. It means that you’re always growing, always bettering yourself. Getting to a goal weight won’t change all of your insecurities and imperfections. Challenging yourself should never be covert self destruction, as it has often become in the fitness world. I want to help coach people to their new levels of healthy.

I am giving people the chance to get to that place of moderation and happiness. Let’s all just be happy with ourselves for once!

I will be offering work out plans with diet guidelines again. Please message me for rates and details.

And even though a cookie cutter work out won’t fit everyone’s needs (which is why you should pay someone *me* to write them for you and your needs specifically) I’m providing you with an at home sample teaser work out for you to try today!

This is a full body at home work out that leaves no room for excuses! It takes 30 minutes or less and you don’t even have to go out in the 35 degree rain to do it. If you need modifications, let me know and I can always come up with an alternative

Warm up:
20 squats
20 sec plank
20 squats 
20 sec plank
30 jumping jacks

10 push ups ("girl" push ups are fine)
10 step ups each leg (onto a chair)
10 push ups
10 step ups each leg 

20 leg extensions each leg, standing (hold a wall, keep chest and back upright, extend your leg behind you, keeping toe pointed up and medial)
10 squat jumps 

10 sec hand stand against wall (get some help from a friend if you are worried about falling)
30 sec knee ups in plank

15 couch or chair dips (hands on couch facing forward, heels on floor, hips bent, knees straight- Bend elbow 90 degrees) 
10 lunges each leg

Cool down with standing knee ups for 2 min and leg extensions.



About STRONGERbyaudra

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor Personal trainer with 11 years experience and a BS in Exercise Science. Follow me on IG @STRONGERbyaudra Like my facebook page: /StrongerbyAudra
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