Generation Awful

I’m taking a moment from fitness posts (that I barely do lately) to rant about a topic near and dear to my brain.

I’m so SICK of people constantly referencing “our generation” and the problems that we’ve caused. People have been making horrible decisions for years and living at home too long for years, it’s just that now we have social media to publicly declare our lack of motivation.

Which brings me to social media. Like all things, it can be abused. And each of us have about 10 people that are constantly posting meaningless, gratuitous statuses that drive us nuts. That’s 10 people out of my 1200 friends. Social media only has the power we give it. If you think social media has too big of a role, instead of posting about it on your wall, maybe you should just take 2-3 days off from looking at it. If you think Kim Kardashian’s butt photo is outrageous and she shouldn’t’ receive attention for it, it’s probably best NOT to give that article your click and then NOT share it on your wall in disgust. I guarantee that article is going viral due the people who are appalled by the idea that someone else likes it. Congratulations, internet, Kim Kardashian’s butt did not break you. It did exactly as intended.

I’m tired of being lumped in with an unambitious crowd because of the year I was born. Please keep in mind that this is the first generation that has been force-fed “follow your dreams” over and over again to the point that anything less than achieving stardom is failure or an indication you didn’t try hard enough; this trickles down from a generation who took an accounting course and got an accounting job and called it a dream. Take that into consideration when you see a bunch of perma-students in an economy that has no jobs for anyone without 5 years of experience. There are some serious expectations behind the educated, who are now lucky to come out with a 30k a year salary with benefits, a standard in my parents time with a high school degree. Try walking into a perfectly good job and have them tell you you’re worth $10 at your level, despite 8 years of related experience, professionalism, and entrepreneurship. Then try paying rent. Ask anyone about my ambitions. They will tell you I’m exhausting. I try to do too much and reach too high and fail miserably with a few successes dispersed in between. It’s not a generation. It’s people that are lazy. If you (at any age) want to wake up at 5am with me to hit fasted cardio before working 8 hours to work out again only to go home and prep your food, so you can get 8+ hours of sleep, because you need your sleep or you’ll get sick and you can’t miss a day of working out and work, because you need money, you have goals, and you want to be the best at everything so that you can go to networking events on the weekend instead of party— sure, be my guest. But do NOT lump me in with lazy. Do NOT lump me in with unambitious jerk offs. I am not an anomaly. I’m trying to keep up with my peers. So BACK OFF, public opinions, and let me do my thang with out youchoo h8in ….

Our generation’s grammatical derelict is also the topic of every parent get-together and every Facebook post known to man. Not all of us fall into that category, and a lot of us know how to turn it on and off. Considering literacy rates are a little different compared to a hundred years ago, maybe we should cut “this generation” some slack because any discrepancies in a child’s education and upbringing is governed by the PARENTING FIGURE. Watch out, baby boomers, I just pointed a finger.


Percentage of persons 14 years old and over who were illiterate (unable to read or write in any language), by race and nativity: 1870 to 1979

Year Total White Black and other
Total Native Foreign-born
1870 20.0 11.5 79.9
1880 17.0 9.4 8.7 12.0 70.0
1890 13.3 7.7 6.2 13.1 56.8
1900 10.7 6.2 4.6 12.9 44.5
1910 7.7 5.0 3.0 12.7 30.5
1920 6.0 4.0 2.0 13.1 23.0
1930 4.3 3.0 1.6 10.8 16.4
1940 2.9 2.0 1.1 9.0 11.5
1947 2.7 1.8 11.0
1950 3.2
1952 2.5 1.8 10.2
1959 2.2 1.6 7.5
1969 1.0 0.7 3.6 *
1979 0.6 0.4 1.6 *
* Based on black population only

Not only can a few members of this “horrible” generation spell, self-motivate, and not feel entitled to luxury, they’ve done some good. We are the generation that saw equal rights given for gay marriage; not out of some political agenda, but because a massive group of people wanted to be able to see their friends express their love. This is the generation that cares what the other generations thought and writes long winded blog posts about why their parents should approve of them. This is the generation that will find eco-friendly solutions. This is the generation that will save the planet; because we have to. Maybe it’s been so easy on us because our society is becoming well developed. Here we are though, creating new ideas, new solutions, and being generally “smarter” than the last generation, once we finally get off our parent’s couch.

There will be good in my life time. And I will see a generation grow. Because that’s what every generation does. Please don’t write off a whole population because they say LOL. We know how to spell Laff out Lowd for realz. Ok?


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Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor Personal trainer with 11 years experience and a BS in Exercise Science. Follow me on IG @STRONGERbyaudra Like my facebook page: /StrongerbyAudra
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