Trust the process- I’m just like you, only crazier.

      So we’re at 9 weeks and 4 days away from my second bikini competition. This week has challenged my patience a bit. I lost 4 pounds last week. Now to most people, they would be ecstatic. But it turns out, I’m slightly obsessive and insane! You know how when you have a drink, you think, “that was good, I like this feeling. I should keep doing this, disregarding my slowly fading memories of hangovers,” until you’re heads deep in a strangers toilet and your new dress seems way less classy covered in shame and vomit. So when losing weight, 4 pounds looked so good, I’d like to lose 10! If 10 pounds look good, I’d lose 20. It’s just the way the mind of an addictive maniac works.
      This week’s patience test has been that damned scale. I don’t know many times, as a fitness professional that I’ve told other people to not worry about the scale, watch their inches instead, weigh only once a week, and just “trust the process.” But when it comes to practicing my own advice, surprise! I am a hypocrite! The scale hasn’t budged in 5 days. I have people telling me they noticed my weight loss. It’s visible and it’s happening. There is progress, none the less. I need to TRUST THE PROCESS (my coach’s favorite saying). NO CUTTING OUT FOOD or making judgement calls on what’s “enough”. Stick to your diet and trust your coach. They’re doing what they do because they’ve been around for a while doing this. Starving won’t help. Over-eating won’t satisfy you. Just stay focused and get it done!
Success breeds success. Focus on your aspirations and keep them in the fore-front of you brain during every decision. “Obsessed is a word lazy people used to describe dedication”.
I am still picking out my suit! It’s so expensive, but you know what they say, glued-on plastic crystals are a girls best friend!
I also found this photo from my last show! #TBT I can’t wait to see the final package on show day!

About STRONGERbyaudra

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor Personal trainer with 11 years experience and a BS in Exercise Science. Follow me on IG @STRONGERbyaudra Like my facebook page: /StrongerbyAudra
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2 Responses to Trust the process- I’m just like you, only crazier.

  1. carreirax says:

    Hey! Chill out! I look at that picture and you look great.

    I know how we feel… we must always be improving, we want more, it’s a thirst for self improvement, but you should try to keep it from becoming an obsession!

    Be eager, not obssessive, you look gorgeous!

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